Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Raining Outside...^^

Well, its Sunday night and raining outside. I feels like wanna write something here tonight. =)... I just made our pre-wedding picture as my top heading pic. hehe... I didn't post it on fb since those pics aren't finalized yet. Maybe have to wait till' September. Don't mind thou. hehe...

Actually, it has been my two months since we signed our marriage at JPN. But, still, i don't feels like i am married. Haha... Anyhow, i looked forward to have my own family. ^^...Now, we have so many things to be done before our big day. Hopefully, everything goes as plan. God bless us O Lord.

I'll upload the pics taken during our wedding day. ^^

Our marriage certificate! hehe

My darling and my hubby!

The day we officially becomes a legal husband and wife!

Our Pic!

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  1. Congrats bebeh (ntah keberapa kali dah)..Too bad i can't attend ur wedding celebration.huhuhu