Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Father's Day...Esp to my daddy...hehehe

For Father's day this year, i made cupcakes with chocolate frosting for my daddy... Hehe... =)
Here is the picture...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Cakes at the same day....huhu....tiring day...

The cakes were for a friend engagement(Square Shape) and the other one was for wedding(Round Shape). Since it was our first time baking for big events, we wanted to make it as good as possible. Actually, the wedding cake has 3 stage. But, i dont have the complete pic. the decoration on top of the wedding cake. Btw, the marble cake shown above was made for the wedding door gift. We managed to prepare around 200 wedding door gifts. hehe

Forgot to mention...."We" here refers to my mummy and me... hehehe... She's the one who really into baking since ages ago and i just likely loves spending my free time searching for recipes and try out whenever possible...=))

Another bite of my cake..=)

Actually, i baked these cakes few months ago but only post it here in my blog today..hehehe...
I bake whenever i feels like eating cakes....huahuahuha....just for fun actually....=). Btw, both were marble cake. But i dont have the picture after the cake been cut., i cant prove it being marble..huhuhuhu

My 1st chocolate moist cake....^^

This is a photo of my 1st doing. Even it was a bit too sweet(haha), but i managed to get it right at my first try. Don't comment on the decoration. I know it was horrible. It was my 1st time though...At first, i only put 3 pink flowers at the center, but i found it was like so plain. So, i decided to put the little yellow umbrella there but looked funny instead. Hoho...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday blues...

hehe...i love friday as much as any other person..=p.. friday makes us think about!! sat and sunday gonna be fun...hoho... gonna relax my mind from this tiring job...Gosh! i hope i can have another job with better pay than what i have now...huhu...but, still i am still grateful to have this job... at least i got paid every month right? hehe..=)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Am new...^_-

i'll start to write something here, have to get my job done 1st or else get scolded by my bossy!! hehe