Monday, July 4, 2011

Hi July...=)

It seems like the month of June ended up too soon...hehe...Now is July and we are getting busier as our big day getting nearer. ^^.... ehehe

Owh, actually...i'm not going to talk about our big day. I experienced photo-shooting last weekend which was very exciting. It was organized by Ms Jane and her crew members. At first, i was like "Gosh, how am i going to pose for them? I'm a dead meat!"...hahahaha...but eventually, all the crew members were so friendly and i felt welcomed. Moreover, modeling was never once an option for me. ehehe...but, still i wanna give it a shot and i felt thankful for Ms Jane and her crew members for giving me such opportunity.

To cut it short, the day went well and we were having fun. They had uploaded the pictures taken during the photo-shoot, and i was so amazed and impressed with their photography skills. Bless them. ^_^...

Here are some of the photo taken. Credit to the photographers.

This pic was taken by Mr Sham Kien Yee. Thanks to him...=)

This one was from Mr.Weltor...Big thanks for him too...=)

This one was from Ms Jane Lajami... hehehe...Bunch of thanks to her too...=)

They are sooo pretty and nice to know them!

From this view, i looked like i had a double chin...Oh no! have to cut down some weight i think!

So, i guess that's all... Will upload again later....I copied all the photos from fb...Hope they wont mind...hehehe...Anyhow, thanks a lot for all the photographers and not forgotten to Ms Jane Lajami for the cupcakes!

C Ya!